Dkay (Featured Artist)

Dkay is a local artist to watch out for, he’s been makin’ moves for a minute. Here’s a Q&A with the rudeboy himself.


Who are you?


My name is Dkay, a.k.a Rudeboy Dkay


Where are you from?

I was born in Edmonton, grew up in Calgary and moved to Vancouver in 2011


What made you get into music? Any local influences?

I started making music in 7th grade when an older friend started showing me how to make music. I basically self-taught myself how to produce music and rap/sing. I don’t feel influenced by local music because I try to fit into the southern US style of things but I’m a big fan of Seth Kay.


What’s your feelings on the music industry here in Vancouver?

To be honest, I only really pay attention to myself but it would be dope if we starting to build hip hop culture in general in Vancouver, I think the growth of artists will naturally follow.


Who have you worked with? Any really cool experiences?

I’ve worked with a small handful of Vancouver artists such as Unkle Ricky, Mason Rex and Mike Wiald. I like those guys because they are talented and we built a personal relationship. My music is very personal to me.


When you’re not making music what/who do you listen to on the regular?

I try to listen to whatever is hot or whatever is popular at the time. I try not to have a huge musical taste so that I can appreciate as much music as I can. Right now I’m playing Playboi Carti and Murda Beatz. Migos just made my favorite album in years.


Are there any local artists you really dig?

Like I said, I’m I big fan of Seth Kay I think he’s the best rapper we got out here, I like Tom Macdonald for his cinematic representation of his music… we have really dope young dudes in the Crescendo 1 camp.


How do you get creative to create your music? What’s your routine?

I usually try to recreate, create or alter a vibe. So I usually have to find the vibe, whatever it is and then go from there. I would say I tent to start with the beat, then the message/theme, then fill in the lyrics.


If you could give any advice to any up-coming artists, what would you tell them?

All the new artists need to focus on themselves and their craft, and creating a high quality product. Keep your blinders on.


If there was any artist you could collaborate with, who would that be?

I think TPain and Lil Wayne are geniuses my goal is to work with those two.


Where can people find your music?

Soundcloud: CLICK HERE

Latest Music Video; Dáme: CLICK HERE