JORY (Featured Artist)

JORY is an up and comer in the game putting in the time on the pavement, throwing live shows and bringing together some of his favourite local artists to collaborate and grow together. Have a read below to learn more about Jory Davies and check out his show coming up on Thursday, March.14th at Oak & Thorne in Langley, B.C called the Highlight.


Who are you?




Where are you from?


Born in Langley B.C., grew up in Chino, California and been back in B.C. for 10 years.


What made you get into music? Any local influences?


My Dad has been in love with music forever and instilled the same appreciation and understanding of the value of music in me. As far as influence, I’ve taken most of my musical influence from artists abroad but as far as Vancouver I am inspired by a few of my peers. It has been really humbling to start linking up with some artists like that with the shows that I put on.


What’s your feelings on the music industry here in the Vancouver area?


I think that our community is selfish, in the way that a lot of artists are only in it for themselves and hope that their peers do worse than them in order for them to get the spotlight. I am very grateful for the humble artists that I surround myself with. That are willing to collaborate for the benefit of both of us as well as the music scene in our city.


Who have you worked with? Any really cool experiences?


I am currently working with a few artists in L.A. and Vancouver. One in particular is Teon Gibbs. He’s becoming a close friend and the song that we have coming I am very excited for. We have performed together before and the energy in the room was wild. He has a lot of experience and with me being new to the industry he has taught me a lot.


When you’re not making music what/who do you listen to on the regular?


I listen to a lot of local artists to find the next artist to get for a show. But as far as what I listen to outside of local, Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Earl Sweatshirt, Childish Gambino, Andre 3000, Mac Miller, Frank Ocean, Bas, Angelo Mota, A$ap Mob, Xavier Omar. To name a few, but I listen to so many artists, I get bored really quick.


Are there any local artists you really dig?


I like Boslen, Karl Ave, Teon Gibbs, Garrison Cade, Blavk Goku, bbno$, Brevner, and a few more.


How do you get creative to create your music? What’s your routine?


I usually surround myself with good people in the studio, (always my longtime collaborator and friend Parker) and talk about music, listen to music, have a drink, and then get into creating.


If you could give any advice to any up-coming artists, what would you tell them?


Figure out why you’re making music and make sure that it’s something that will last. Surround yourself with people that are better than you, people that believe in you, and people that will challenge you and encourage you. Don’t give up because of hate. If you like the music, there will be others that will like it, and while you get better at your craft, they might find you.


If there was any artist you could collaborate with, who would that be?


A dream would be Kanye and Cudi. On a more reachable level, I would love to collaborate with Angelo Mota, Xavier Omar, Mick Jenkins, Jack Harlow.


Where can people find your music?


You can find my music on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, YouTube and everywhere else that streams music.



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