KRESNT (Featured Artist)

There’s lots of DOPE emerging artists out of Vancouver and KRESNT is one of them.
Who are you?
My name is Kresnt, a 23 year old Canadian rapper, singer, producer and songwriter.
Where are you from?
I was born in Afghanistan but moved with my family to Vancouver at the age of four.
What made you get into music? Any local influences?
I got into music because of my older brothers who put me on! We all have similar taste.
What’s your feelings on the music industry here in Vancouver?
It’s growing and the community is starting to get closer which is amazing! More unity and less egos is the key to the city’s success.
Who have you worked with? Any really cool experiences?
I’ve worked with a bunch of dope artists and producers! From 40K to Ken Lewis, to Nessly and Dirty Radio! All the experiences have been dope but always open to work with more people in general.
When you’re not making music what/who do you listen to on the regular?
I don’t listen to a lot of new music (Cliche I know). Mostly old Jay Z, Kanye, Em and Wayne, however I really enjoy Drake, Cyphi and Belly!
Are there any local artists you really dig?
All of them! Some of them that come to mind are.. Kamal Dabir, Zac Flewids, 40K, Tru$t The Motion, Walden Ash, ILLYMINIACHI, Psyah, Too Tall, Dkay, Manila Grey, Ernie Woodlo, Genre, Baby Fresh Productions, HoodRich, Tee Loc & Samson.
How do you get creative to create your music? What’s your routine?
I’m surrounded by the right team that pushes me to be creative everyday, so I’m always ready to record!
If you could give any advice to any up-coming artists, what would you
tell them?
Work hard and don’t give up! Connect with everyone and lose the ego! Focus on quality and quantity, and have a game plan!!
If there was any artist you could collaborate with, who would that be?
Eminem! That’s my favourite artist of all time and it would be my dream collab and inshallah (God willing) it will happen soon!
Where can people find your music?
All my music can be found on all the streaming platforms! SPOTIFY, iTUNES, YOUTUBE