Seth Kay (Featured Artist)

Seth Kay is a local up & comer in the rap game reppin’ the Lower Mainland to the fullest. Here’s a Q&A with the man himself.


Who are you?

My name is Seth Kay and I’m a rapper, producer and wannabe singer.



Where are you from?

I’ve grown up all over the lower mainland but I rep Surrey and Vancouver.



What made you get into music? Any local influences?

I was always into music but the album that really made me think, “I could do this too,” was College Dropout by Kanye.



What’s your feelings on the music industry here in Vancouver?

I love Vancouver but I get way more love outside of the city. LA, Houston, New York, Atlanta… Even in the UK I have a bigger following than here in Vancouver. Which is kind of crazy, Vancouver is just gonna show up real late to the party. But once somebody puts on for the city in a major way, I think that will take our scene where it needs to be.



Who have you worked with? Any really cool experiences?

I’ve worked with a lot of Vancouver talent like Matt Brevner, Spotty Josif, Teshalé, Sharuk, Dave Fields. My coolest experience had to be a song I did called “Crazy” for Citto Kain’s Fruition project. I usually write and create at home by myself, but he insisted on us creating something new once I arrived at the studio. We had bottles, vibed out for hours and created something dope.



When you’re not making music what/who do you listen to on the regular?

I listen to a lot of ignorant hood ass music… and R&B. Either that or battle rap. I guess that isn’t “music” but I watch a LOT of battle rap.



Are there any local artists you really dig?

Definitely. Spotty Josif got bars. Sharuk is very dope. Teshalé got that wave, I love our song “She Love the Dough”. GRNDBLVD is super talented. Matt Brevner, Brandon Gregora, Stevie Ross, Dave Fields, Hayleau, Ninetyfour, Dkay, Lia Liza, Jessel Alejo, So Loki, JayKin, Mcevoy, Acedatyoungnigga, Merkules, Kai Skywalker… There’s a lot, that’s just a few who’s a part of this new Vancouver wave of talent. Even if we don’t all listen to each other’s music like that, I think there’s a mutual respect and support amongst everybody which is definitely contributing to this new energy flowing through the city.



How do you get creative to create your music? What’s your routine?

I wait until a vibe hits me. Usually it comes from living life and then something happens I want to write about. Then as far as actually creating I like to be alone with the lights low.



If you could give any advice to any up-coming artists, what would you tell them?

I’m still trying to figure it out myself. But I think a combination of working your ass off and always telling your truth is key. Then just making good ass music.



If there was any artist you could collaborate with, who would that be?

I think The Weeknd and I would make for a great collab. Plus he’s Canadian.



Where can people find your music?

Spotify, Apple Music, any major streaming service.

Soundcloud: CLICK HERE

Facebook Page: CLICK HERE